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About Us

The function and purpose of the Rural Electric Management Development Council (REMDC), since its inception in 1958, has been to explore ways to improve the effectiveness of management at rural electric systems. Each of the rural electric systems that are members of the REMDC acquired that membership by being able to demonstrate they were not only practicing modern management, but they were willing to share their successes and failures with others, and contribute to research in finding ways to improve the practice of management at rural electric systems.

The REMDC is comprised of about 66 rural electric systems from all across the country, from the Pacific Northwest to Florida. Member systems range in size from fewer than 5,000 consumers, to systems with well over 300,000 consumers. The members of the REMDC serve over 1,400,000 consumers nationally. All of the members of the REMDC are also members of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA).

The REMDC membership reflects a size and demographic profile of the rural electric program of the 21st century. We feel strongly that the challenges to today’s rural electric systems are best met by a highly skilled management team comprised of board members who understand and are trained in the practice of their trusteeship responsibilities, plus a highly skilled, professional manager, management staff and a competent, informed and motivated work force who have a vision and commitment to meet the challenges of the rapidly changing business climate in which rural electric systems must function.

Today’s rural electric system needs leadership and vision that recognizes not only the diversity of needs and interests that exist nationally among rural electric systems, but also the diversity of needs and interests that exist locally among consumers.

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