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2023 Officers


Julie O’Dell, Blue Ridge Energy (NC) 2023 Chair

Tim Sullivan, Wright Hennepin EC (MN) 2024 Chair

Darren Schauer, Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative (TX) 2025 Chair/Host

Michael Aulgur, Shenandoah Valley EC (VA) Treasurer

Kimberly Webb, Blue Ridge Energy (NC)) Secretary/Host

2023 Program Committee

Tim Sullivan, Wright Hennepin (MN) 2024, Chair

Mark Stallons, Valley Electric (NV) 2023

Marty Haught, United Cooperative Services (TX) 2025

Elaine Johns, Enervision (GA) 2023

Ann Fracas, Meridian (GA) 2024

Michael Aulgur, Shenandoah Valley EC (VA) 2024

Chellie Phillips, Coweta-Fayette EC (GA)

Linda Richardson, NISC 2024

Julie O’Dell, Blue Ridge EMC (NC), 2023 Host

Tracy Steiner, Rappahannock EC (VA) 2025

Eric Jung, Northeastern REMC (IN) 2025

2023 Membership Committee:

Ray Grinberg, Tri-County EMC (GA) 2024

Don Bowman, Wake Electric (NC) 2025

Tim Martin, Carroll EMC (GA) 2023

Tom Stackhouse, Central Alabama (AL) 2024, Chair

Ed VanHoose, Federated ESC (OH) 2024

Bob Hance, Midwest Energy (MI) 2025

Randy Crenshaw, Irwin EMC (GA) 2025

2023 Management Research Committee:

Jim Coleman, Jackson (TX) 2025

Julie O’Dell, Blue Ridge EMC (NC) 2023

Michael Hastings, Jemez Mountains (NM) 2024, Chair

2023 Nominating Committee:

Nagea Littleton, Central Alabama EC (AL) 2025

Ed VanHoose, Federated ESC (OH) 2024

Cameron Smallwood, United Cooperative Services (TX) 2025

Tonya Sexton, First EC (AR) 2023, Chair

Jennifer Meason, Cotton Electric (OK) 2025

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